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How to maintain good communication between parents and children

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A family that keeps your healthy inner circle has the benefit of developing all its activities within a room full of camaraderie, respect, tolerance, and above this, the love that is the fuel for starting all aspects above.

It is obvious that children are key in the home, but their role within the family is constructive and not vice versa, they should be able to communicate and therefore to be heard. If you can understand the importance of maintaining a stable communication with your children, you will have the ability to maintain a healthy environment and all kinds of difficulties will be easier to solve.

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Tips to maintain good communication with your children

1. Spending time with them

When parents amid all proceedings seeking to set aside time to devote to their children, are ensuring a perfect space to organize communication to them. Through this interest is shown towards them, they also have the space to answer and how they do it? Through communication where they can talk about their dreams, problems and aspirations.

2. That age is not an impediment to communication

There is a curve in communication between parents and children that falls frequently. This tends to raise their level when children are young, but as time goes on this decreases. However, it is understood that the small increases and eventually need their privacy, but this is not confused with less communication. If you are instructed to trust the head of the household, even in its most difficult times do not stop practicing since childhood.

3. Communicate “sensitive” topics without penalty

Many parents are afraid to address intimate matters, besides issues such as drug addiction, addictions, etc. this benefit is far from being a problem for them. Side distancing father to the children and young side is marked, is a lack of information from a reliable source. Do not be afraid to address these issues, it is wise to know when to talk about it.

4. Parents should know how to communicate what they think

Is not the same report that talk? When parents communicate advice and corrections to the children, they do it through knowledge, maturity and serenity, all in favor of your being. When instead they only speak based infuriating or carried away by others, the message arrives but its fruit is null.

5. The best friend of the world

Finally, do not try more to be the best friend of the children. Ever wonder what would happen if the best friend you were looking for their children? Surely it would have under his knowledge everything that goes with them, yes, not confused, for this to happen should lead a process of understanding but not a day of life.

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