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How to take care of a long plane trip?

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August is a month of travel, of comings and goings in one of the means of transport star, the airplane. If a few days ago we did a review for some tips to keep in mind when picking up the car these days, with the plane happens the same. We are increasingly choosing destinations for which the plane is one of the best transportation. But there are also more and more problems that arise from a plane trip, and that is why we need to take a look at some tips.

Smaller spaces, longer queues, many hours in the same cabin … These are some of the disadvantages of air travel right now. Increasingly, airlines are making space more difficult and this can be borne by passengers. Some of the effects of this can be stress, anxiety, joint pain … This is what is known as the syndrome of the tourist class that appears on long distance flights in which we spend many hours on the same plane.

It is true that people with greater body volume, either by their weight, or by their height, usually have more problems with this, since the space of the seats is very limited. In these cases, the alternatives are scarce, since until air policy does not change, the only thing left is for these people to pay more for seats near the emergency exit, where space is greater. Or on the other hand make a reservation in first class.

If we cannot do any of these things because our economy does not allow us, surely we can take into account some very simple recommendations that will make our trip easier. The truth is that space we cannot change it and it is as it is, but we can make it look bigger and our feeling of overwhelm is much smaller.

 long plane trip
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The importance of previous rest before flying

Before starting the trip it is necessary that we rest. Going on a long-haul flight is not good at all. For starters, airports rob us a lot of time and therefore the wear and tear is greater. That is why it is necessary for us to go to sleep, having slept well the previous days. In this way, we will be able to be much stronger and able to endure the long hours of travel without suffering.

Choose the right clothes

Along with this it is necessary to choose very well the clothes that we are going to put for the flight. It is proven that due to pressure, our joints become inflamed and the circulation can become heavier. This may be one of the reasons why we find ourselves bad on many long trips. For this, and to avoid this type of episodes is necessary to choose an appropriate clothing.

It will always be much better to dress in loose, comfortable clothes that will not oppress our bodies. In this way what we will promote will be a better blood supply during the flight, making our organism to be perfectly oxygenated and we will avoid episodes of anxiety by lack of oxygen or by anguish derived from remaining still in the same space so long. The same thing happens with the footwear, because it is necessary that we wear comfortable shoes that do not oppress the feet and allow us to be comfortable.

The food simple and not too copious

Once the clothing is prepared, we need to know what to eat before a long plane trip. It is not advisable to make copious meals, since the pressure makes the digestion slows down, and therefore the meals should be light and with little quantity. If we have to eat more often nothing happens, but it is best to feel good during the flight.

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Avoid fizzy drinks whenever we can

The same goes for drinks. It is always better to avoid drinks containing gas. The effect of pressure on these types of drinks is often negative for many people, as they can be heavy on the stomach because of the gas. It is therefore best to drink non-carbonated drinks such as water, juices … This option will always be more effective in the case of long-haul flights.

 long plane trip
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Keeping active on the plane while we are flying

Once we are on the plane we must consider a number of points. When we are in the air in the middle of the journey, it is highly recommended to get out of our place from time to time. The posture in the seats is not the most comfortable and least for so many hours. That is why we can become overwhelmed and can numb our legs or arms. The best thing for this not to happen is to not stay still throughout the flight.

It is highly recommended that we get up from our seat and out into the hall to walk the plane. The space is not very big, but in this way what we will do is activate the blood circulation of the legs and limbs. This is one of the best ways to avoid the evil known as tourist class syndrome. In addition, this will help us to oxygenate the body and feel more relaxed and better.

Exercises to move when we are seated

When we are in our site it is also advisable that we move our legs and feet. The way to do this will be to move your legs from front to back and feet in circles, turning at the ankles. With this we will be able to stay active while we are in our seat. We can also massage the area of the twins to activate the circulation. They will be scrubs from the bottom up.

If we fall asleep, first of all immobilize the neck

If we decide to fall asleep, it is very good that we accommodate to the maximum, since normally the positions in the seats of the airplanes are not too comfortable. The main thing is to block the neck to prevent it from moving from side to side, because we can do damage without hardly noticing. Along with this it is very important that we stop if we go to sleep, because the temperatures on the planes fluctuate a lot and we can cool ourselves if we do not take the necessary precautions.

Be that as it may, it is important that in a flight we keep in mind that the main thing is our comfort. We must leave behind the burdens and discomforts. What we must think is that we are about to go on vacation and that we can have all the peace of the world. We do not need to get nervous, because all we will get will be to overwhelm us and make us feel bad physically and psychologically.

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