Security is main concern for potential smart home customers

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Technology can bring many benefits to the home allowing you to control devices. While bringing these benefits to your home these systems also have drawbacks; they can fail and they can leave the users open to cyber-attacks including hacking.

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What is a home automation system?

Smart home systems are platforms that are designed to link all of your devices together including your audio equipment to control what music is playing. You can turn your heating on remotely and control your lights while abroad. Security cameras and doors can be connected. Your fridge and your bin can create a shopping list. The possibilities with a smart home are endless.

The research

Research carried out by OnePoll has indicated that security is the main concern for people considering buying home automated systems. Of those surveyed, 37% indicated that they would invest in a smart security home automation system if finances weren’t a matter of concern. Most surveyed saw the benefits of a system for seamless living and were willing to adopt smart technology in the near future.

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Is their concern baseless?

Integrating all your appliances together can make running your house seamless but it may put you at risk from outside attack. Connecting your home security cameras to devices such as those that open garage doors can alert thieves to your absence, making it easier to break into your home. Hacking can leave you vulnerable to theft and extortion.

When home security is on a network you will be at risk of potential attacks. The apps that have been set up to control your home can be intercepted to provide information for those intent on using them for theft. Researching your options and Investing in a reputable system such as will offer you peace of mind that your data is secure.

The future of smart homes

As technology expands to include more smart apps to help us manage our homes, it looks like smart homes will continue to develop. With security being a concern, developers will be looking to ensure that they can allow customers to secure their homes without compromising them. The technology has so many benefits for the busy family, the hard-working commuters, not to mention the elderly and disabled who would find the technology life-changing, allowing them more independence in their homes.

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