Why might you use an online conveyancer?

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When buying a home, there is a raft of legal paperwork, searches and contracts that must be submitted correctly to ensure the sale completes successfully. There are three ways in which this can be managed: you could do the conveyancing on a DIY basis, you could pay a local solicitor to handle the legal aspects for you, or you could hire an online conveyancer. Which should you choose and why?
DIY conveyancing

DIY conveyancing, although possible, is not recommended. Somebody who is not versed in the legal aspects of selling property is unlikely to be able to navigate the nuances involved and cover all bases. This could leave them open to future repercussions – that is, if the sale even completes.

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Professional conveyancing

This leaves two choices for professional advice. A conveyancing solicitor will do conveyancing alongside their other legal work and although they will perform their duties to a very high standard, you may notice time delays due to their internal priorities.

Conversely, an online conveyancer only does conveyancing. Companies such as https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/homebuyers-survey provide a one-stop-shop solution, signposting you to an appropriate conveyancer with space in their schedule to prioritise your sale or purchase.

An online conveyancer will typically provide you with an online portal through which you can view the progress of your sale, understand what documentation is outstanding, and supply any information that is required, such as a homebuyers survey. You will not be tied to office hours and you will benefit from the flexibility that online conveyancing offers.

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In conclusion

Online conveyancing services often help a sale to proceed more quickly. As they are often offered on a fixed-fee basis, they can also be a very cost-effective solution to buying or selling a home.

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