Preparing to Stay Safe in the Autumn and Winter Storm Season

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During the autumn and winter months storms often arrive on UK shores and some of them can be quite destructive. Although big storms like the storm of 1987 are a rare occurrence, climate change has made some of the storms that we receive more damaging and frequent in recent years, so it is important to be aware of what to do in order to keep yourself and your home as safe as possible when the storms arrive.

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The exterior of your home is something that is likely to be at risk when winds are strong, so make sure that anything that could potentially be moved is secure, even heavy items like flowerpots and outdoor play equipment.

You should make sure that your fence is able to withstand the storm and make repairs if necessary, or if it is in a particularly bad way, get a professional like this fencing Loughborough based company Direct Fencing to come and replace it for you.

Check your roof and look for signs of damage such as missing roof tiles and broken guttering as this can cause problems during stormy weather.

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If you have trees near to your house, you should get them cut back regularly and maintain them with the help of a tree surgeon – trees that are at risk of falling or are unhealthy should then be made safe.

Keep an eye on flood and wind warnings for your local area, as this can help you to be prepared. Have an emergency kit in case of power cuts and plan what you will do in the event of flooding.

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