Preparing your Garden for the Wildlife in Autumn and Winter

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As summer draws to a close, gardeners will be preparing for the autumn and the winter, and there are lots of things to get on with at this time of the year. The natural world is also starting to think about preparing for the winter, and making sure that your garden is able to support the wildlife throughout the winter months is beneficial to the environment.

Throughout August there are things that can be planted in the garden ready for next spring – now is the time to buy plants and bulbs from places like this wholesale plants shop, and bluebells and tulips are just two bulbs that are good to start planting now.

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When it comes to the wildlife in your garden, here are some of the things that you can do to prepare for the autumn and the winter…

Places to Shelter – As the weather becomes colder, some animals fly to other countries to seek warmth. As autumn arrives, you will notice the summer swallows gathering in flocks to get ready to fly south for the winter.

The animals that stay in the UK will be looking for places to shelter through the winter months. From bee and bug houses to hedgehog houses, there are lots of things that you can add to your garden to provide the shelter that the animals need.

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Food Sources – As the days shorten, food becomes more scarce and life is much harder for animals. Birds in particular can struggle throughout the winter, so setting up a bird feeding station is not only a great way to support all of the wild birds but is also a joy to watch in the winter months as they arrive at the bird table.

Plants for Pollinators – If you have a lawn, allow it to grow throughout August, as this is the later end of the year and pollinating insects that are crucial to the environment will be on the lookout for the late flowering plants and need all the help that they can get.

If you have ivy, leave it to grow also, as the ivy flowers are a vital resource for many later flying butterflies as well as many bees. Look up plants that you can grow in your garden that you can plant ready for next year to support bees and butterflies in your garden.

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