How to prevent your office from becoming overheated

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As temperatures increase, the workplace can become more uncomfortable. We suddenly find ourselves working in a Mediterranean heatwave. It’s not fun for those who are stuck in offices without air conditioning. Our computers, phones, and tablets can also overheat. What can you do to help?


People and machines both need good circulation. When office hardware heats up, it can attract dust and pose a risk to fire safety. Place fans in a way that keeps both the server room and people cool and dust-free.

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Solar Film

You can apply films to your windows to reduce energy costs, and prevent heat gain. Solar films can prevent extreme discomfort for staff. A film can also provide extra security by providing one-way vision during the day.

Brise Soleil

By incorporating a brise-solar into the design of a structure, you can protect it from heat gain and rising temperatures. It works by reflecting the sun away from the building. For Brise Soleil, go to

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Air conditioning

When staff members are overheated and stressed, productivity will decrease. Installing air conditioning at 22 degrees C is a great investment. This temperature is ideal for indoor work and productivity. At 25, people start feeling uncomfortable. By 28, they are hot and by 35 there is the risk of heat stroke.

Thermal mass properties

It may be necessary to look at the energy efficiency of a building in order to find long-term solutions. To cool a room, increasing the thermal mass of the building is an effective way to do so. You can add insulation to the building’s exterior to further slow the heat flow.

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