Mood swings
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Mood swings, cure them with passion flower

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A moment ago you were happy and serene, and now you’ve got it with the world? Do you suffer from mood swings! But do not worry, you’re not alone! It is a disorder that afflicts many women, especially in the phases in which the body undergoes many hormonal changes, such as premenstrual period, the post-partum period and the stage of menopause. Mood swings may worsen if you live a particularly stressful time at the affective level, family or work.

Fortunately, nature offers us a valuable remedy for mood swings: the passionflower, a beautiful plant native to South and Central America.

Mood swings
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Mood swings, what happens in our body?

The mood swings are caused by alterations in neurotransmitters: there is something chemical that temporarily gives our body and alters our reactions. The serotonin, known molecule of happiness, for instance, regulates many fundamental aspects of our daily life and relationships: sleep, mood, appetite, sexuality. When mood swings are sporadic do not worry, a bad day can happen to anyone. But when they become frequent and extend beyond a week, you need to investigate the causes and seek a remedy.

Passionflower, a help from nature against mood swings

The name “passion fruit” comes from the Latin words flos passionis, passion flower, and dates back to the seventeenth century Jesuit missionaries who saw in his crown of petals a similarity with the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ. But what makes a really special passion flower plant are its healing properties. The properties of passion flower were known in ancient times by the Aztecs, who used it as a relaxing remedy. Its virtues are now also confirmed by science.

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The leaves and aerial parts of Passiflora contain alkaloids, flavonoids, phytosterols, phenolic acids, coumarins, glycosides, cyanogenic. These active principles are capable of binding to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain. This explains the calming, sedative and anxiolytic of this plant , making it one of the most widely used herbal remedies in disorders of the nervous sphere. It is effective in cases of insomnia, stress, anxiety, feelings of anxiety and mood swings.

Mood swings, good habits that fight them

How to keep a good steady mood and reduce nervous tension? You need to follow some rules.

  • Sleep eight hours a night.
  • Exercising two to three times a week, for at least half an hour to download tension and anxiety. It can also help to learn some relaxation techniques such as yoga.
  • Look to diet, eating the “good mood foods”, i.e. those foods that contain or stimulate the production of serotonin. They are bananas, kiwis, plums, pineapples, avocados, tomatoes, eggplant and chocolate. Also fish, legumes and nuts, rich in omega 3, food is able to ward off the anxiety and mood swings.

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