Ceiling Fans Add to Your Décor

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Especially interesting are the tropical ceiling fans. They blend historic styling with the best of current engineering for a striking image. Their blades are made of palm leaf, bamboo, rattan, or wicker to create or add a striking image to the desired special atmosphere.

Those natural materials are woven around a substantial high performance motor with permanently lubricated and sealed dual bearings, use a universal hanging system for safety and beauty, have a ball hanging mount for flat or vaulted ceilings, and other outstanding features.

Ceiling Fan with 48″ or 56” Sweep Natural Palm Blades

Three or four hand-woven and strengthened palm frond blades spin upon elegant leaf-shaped brackets. Fan is light kit and remote control adaptable. Available in Antique Brass or Antique Bronze. There is a lifetime limited warranty.

Ceiling Fan with 48″ Woven Bamboo Blades

Optional with three or four blades. Electrically reversible. Available in Antique Brass and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Ceiling Fan With Palm-Shaped Leaf Blades

A beautiful tropical design is in this smaller damp location fan. Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Bronze, or Pure White.

Venetian Plastic Leaf Blade Ceiling Fan

An attractive five-blade fan, this is a favorite among contractors and builders. Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Bronze, Pure White, Antique Brass, or Satin Steel. The blades come with a matching set of blade arms that make an elegant complement to the fan. Electrically reversible and light kit and remote control adaptable, this comes with a 30-year limited warranty.

Ceiling Fan With Bronze Blades

This fan has five 52″ oil-rubbed bronze plastic leaf-shaped blades, natural rustic details, and a wood-grain driftwood finish. It is illuminated from inside a glass housing. Electrically reversible and remote control and light kit adaptable, this comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Outdoor or Indoor Ceiling Fan

This 58” sweep fan has carved wood blades. Its electrical components are U.L. approved for outdoor usage and damp locations. It is electrically reversible and light kit adaptable. The limited warranties are 10 years for outdoor use and lifetime for indoor use.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan with 52″ Wicker or Sweep Leaf Blades

This fan is also U.L. approved for wet locations, has five non-warp outdoor blades, and has a durable electrostatic paint process. Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Bronze, Walnut, or Pure White, it comes with a seven-year limited warranty.

The Tropical Fan Company would be happy to give you more details and aid you in choosing the perfect ceiling fan for a designated area.

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