Dry skin on the legs
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Dry skin on the legs: Causes and Remedies

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The dry skin on the legs is a disease that affects the skin, usually caused by external agents.

This is a problem that women are particularly concerned about aesthetic reasons, although small disturbances can occur, such as redness and itching.

The causes of dry skin on the legs

Our skin is covered with a layer of fatty substances that have the task of protecting it from external agent attacks. The balance of this barrier is very delicate and if it breaks we can have problems like dry and chapped skin.

The problem may affect the entire body, but there are some particularly at risk, such as the legs and arms, as they are not too rich in sebaceous glands that secrete the protective layer.

The causes of dry skin on the legs may be of an internal nature even if the most common ones are of an external nature.

Among internal causes we may have various illnesses or disorders …

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Pearly keratosa (skin disease causing small red spots around the hair follicles)
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Psoriasis

Among the external causes we can remember …

  • Climate: Seasons act on temperatures but above all on the amount of moisture present in the air. Let’s not forget that our body is not a closed system and continuously exchanges information with the outside. So if the humidity level of the environment is too low we may suffer from dry skin.
  • Environments in which we live or work: The external moisture level is not only related to seasonal factors, but also to human factors. In winter, we must pay attention to fireplaces and heaters that tend to overwhelm the environment in which we live or work, while in summer the problem may be given by air conditioners.
  • Lifestyle: The protective layer of our skin is subject to the attacks of soaps and body care products. Even too frequent and incorrectly washed washings can aggravate the situation.
  • Physical activity: We all know that proper physical activity is essential to preventing many disorders, but some sports can endanger our skin’s health. In particular, we pay attention to swimming pools where excessive amounts of chlorine can cause dry skin.
  • Exposure to sunlight: Sun is a fundamental ingredient for the health of our skin and the whole body. However, be careful and do not exceed an incorrect exposure as it could over-dry your skin and damage it deeply.

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How to Treat Dry Skin on Your Legs

Although dry skin on the legs is not fundamentally a serious problem, it is advisable to treat it with the right attention, as if the situation becomes chronic, it can cause dermatitis, inflammation and, in the most serious cases, deep infections.

If the problem is caused by internal causes, it is advisable to act directly on the disease under the strict advice of an experienced physician.

If, on the other hand, the problem is external it will be possible to improve the symptom through proper prevention and topical specific treatments.

It is important to use quality body care products and to the characteristics of our skin. Be careful not to be too much in the shower, avoid too frequent washing and we pay attention to the temperature of the water that must never be too hot. Better wash with lukewarm water and finish the colder shower with the purpose of strengthening and activating the epidermis cells. Also important is the way we dry it that it does not have to be aggressive, but we gently rub the skin with a soft towel.

Even the garments we wear can affect the health of the skin and the advice is not to buy them of low quality and too adherent.

Finally, since the protective layer of the skin is closely related to water, it is important to make the right amount of water daily by drinking about a few liters of water throughout the day.

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