Using vanilla to enhance other flavours

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Vanilla Extract is a natural flavour enhancer which means that it will complement a number of other herbs and spices and will help to lift your meals, desserts and drinks to a whole different level. Foodie Flavours organic Vanilla Extract is a great one to use as it is not only full of flavour but it is also organic which means it has not been overly processed.

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If you are looking for some different ways to use vanilla take a look at some of these examples.

Custard – if you like to make your own custard you might like to add some vanilla to it to enhance its flavour. For some, this might mean adding some vanilla pods as well as some extract to help give it an added layer of flavour.

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Cheesecake – another perfect dish that you can add vanilla to is a nice smooth cheesecake. As a great flavour enhancer, it can help to add some depth to the beautiful dessert. All you need to do then is add some lovely raspberries and a nice coulis to the plate when you serve it.

Drinks – if you are a coffee lover you have probably already tried a vanilla latte. The vanilla syrup is added to the coffee to give it an extra taste. As well as being a wonderful addition to a cup of coffee, it can also be added to hot chocolate, soda and even to a cocktail. Those cocktails that have rum as their main ingredient work best with vanilla.

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