Forklift World Records

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We don’t give much thought to the importance of the humble forklift truck and the role it plays in the supply chain. Well, that’s about to change as we celebrate the mighty warehouse forklift and look at some impressive world records that this machine has been involved in!

Longest Pallet Relay – On 15th September 2018, the proud staff of LMV Automotive Systems in Missouri, America successfully achieved 126 consecutive passes in the longest forklift pallet relay in the record books.

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Biggest Forklift Truck – In 1991 Kalmar LMV of Sweden manufactured three forklifts that could carry loads of up to 90 tonnes! They were designed and built to assist in a project of creating a man-made river using two separate pipelines.

Quickest Forklift Tyre Change – In Germany in 2018, 8 team members at the Stapler Cup championship for forklift truck drivers successfully completed a tyre change on a forklift in an impressive one minute and nine seconds, earning them a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Do you need Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland for your business?  For Electric Pallet trucks Ireland click here

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Farthest Vertical Distance Travelled By A Forklift In One Hour – Who comes up with these ideas to set new world records?  Slovenia, in October 2019 was the location for this daring feat! The longest vertical distance achieved by a forklift in one hour was 623.73m. The lucky company? Jungheinrich AG of Germany.

Biggest Image Of A Forklift Made Of Humans – During a sports day event, staff of the Toyota Materials Handling Company in Japan created an image of a forklift truck consisting of 903 people in October 2018.

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