The Weirdest Student Societies

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University is a time for hard work and study, but as we all know, it’s also a time for partying and socialising. Much of that socialising takes place in University societies, of which there are thousands up and down the country. The beauty of these societies is that there is truly something for everyone and if there isn’t, you can easily start one. They are an essential part of student life that range from the weird to the downright bizarre. Here are some of the zanier societies in existence:

  1. Sheila and her dog (University of Cambridge)

A society all about regression back to childhood where all members are seen as 6 years old! Each meeting begins with a ceremonial dropping of a toy penguin called Alan. The members eat sweets, read stories, wear dressing gowns and throw teddies around. Sounds crazy but is probably a healthy release from all that studying pressure.

  1. Curry Appreciation (University of Bath)

This one makes a little more sense because as a nation, we do love a curry. This is one of the largest societies at Bath University where a lot of curry is consumed. At least you won’t have to mess up the kitchen in your student accommodation! For Student accommodation Gloucester, visit

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  1. The Pun Society (University of Sussex)

As simple as loving puns and pubs!

  1. Game of Thrones Society (University of Exeter)

Due to the incredible success of this HBO series, it’s no surprise that there’s a society dedicated to it. It is the first society devoted to the TV show and hosts regular pub quizzes and board game competition around the show.

  1. Stitch ‘n’ Bitch (University of Leeds)

This society sounds like a heap of fun! This group loves to indulge in a bit of knitting and crochet whilst having a really good moan and gossip about the state of the world.

  1. The Viking Society (Plymouth University)

If you can’t get enough of the culture, battles and legends of our Scandinavian neighbours from history, then this is the society for you. The members enjoy re-enactments, dressing up, feasts and making your own Viking garments and equipment.

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  1. 20 Minutes Society (Newcastle University)

You’d be surprised at what you can achieve in just 20 minutes. This curious group of students only receive meet-up notifications via text message with 20 minutes notice. Be prepared to be spontaneous and you can even get in on the mystery annual holiday. Hopefully you get more than 20 minutes to pack!

  1. Harry Potter and Quidditch Society (Nottingham University)

Everyone loves a bit of Potter and these students take it one step further by actually playing Quidditch, although without the flying brooms sadly. It is described as a cross between dodgeball and rugby. Muggles are welcome.

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