What do tenants want from their rental property?

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Being close to work or university, having outside space and being furnished are all important factors when it comes to what the so-called ‘Generation Rent’ population wants from its rental properties, according to new figures.

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Top priorities

Almost half of the renters (47.83 per cent) in the 18- to 24-year-old category want properties that are close to their work, while more than one-third want a furnished home (34.78 per cent), a garden or roof terrace (33.04 per cent), or a gym or pool (33.04 per cent). This is followed by almost 31 per cent of younger renters who place unfurnished properties as a high priority.

Also on the list of requirements from young renters were en-suite facilities (31.3 per cent), the aesthetics of the area (28.07 per cent), parking spaces (27.83 per cent), cleaning services (20.87 per cent), and concierge-serviced accommodation (13.04 per cent).

These requirements are not always met. GoCompare went on to contrast the requirements with what landlords offer, as per Rightmove listings from letting agents Bath and other areas, highlighting the differences between the two. A big difference came in relation to concierge-serviced accommodation – over 13 per cent of younger renters said they wanted this service, but just 2.7 per cent of landlords offered it. Other major differences were seen in gym and pool requirements, parking space availability, unfurnished homes, and the aesthetics of the areas.

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Major differences

The biggest difference came between the desire for a cleaning service and the provision of such a service by landlords. Just 3.04 per cent of landlords said in their Rightmove ads that a cleaning service was on offer; however, 20.87 per cent of the young renters questioned would like this to be available. Renters in the Leeds area expressed the most desire for this service, with 30 per cent of the respondents saying that this was a desirable requirement. Leeds City Council has its own rental accreditation mark.

In the UK as a whole, around 13 per cent of young renters browsing listings from agencies such as https://www.pritchards-bath.co.uk/bath-lettings-agent/ want a property benefiting from serviced accommodation facilities or a concierge, with Gloucester boasting the highest number of young tenants and would-be tenants requesting such services.

Renting continues to be the only choice for many young people, despite the fact that house prices are starting to decrease.

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