How to get the best performance from your Drupal website

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Drupal may not be the best-known web building platform, but it’s certainly one of the most scalable and adaptable, making it a great choice for everything from small brochure websites right through to large e-commerce solutions.

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Here we put forward some of the most important modules for the Drupal platform, which can improve your site’s performance and take your business to the next level. But make sure that you have an effective Drupal team in place to help you. A recent article in Forbes makes the point that, whichever platform you choose, you must select a design team that is completely proficient in that particular CMS. So your Drupal design agency should preferably specialise in just that platform.


Unlike so many CMS platforms, Drupal initiates new releases and updates very frequently. Many updates contain important improvements to overall performance, so a regular review of the most recent available updates is vital if you want to keep your website performing at its best. Check your site thoroughly after initiating any new updates, to make sure that your site continues to display perfectly.

Plan ahead

There are hundreds of Drupal modules that could add value to your website, but don’t be tempted to overload your site with technology. Modules aren’t always easy to uninstall, so pick your choices with great care, and preferably in conjunction with your Drupal Design Agency, who will help and guide you in the selection process.

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Alternative PHP Cache

Also known as APC, the Alternative PHP Cache is a simple-to-install application which boosts the performance of your Drupal website, without you having to do anything at all. In fact, it’s entirely possible that your Drupal site already has APC running without you even realising it.


If you’re not using Drupal 7 then it’s well worth taking the time to install Pressflow. Drupal 6 apparently experienced a number of issues which affected other performance tools, so Pressflow was created to resolve those issues. If you’re already using Drupal 7 then no action is required, as the software has been included within the package already.


A great tool for speeding up your website’s performance, Memcache is used to store cache tables within memory, which helps to reduce loads on the server, thereby increasing your website’s performance.

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