The Benefits of Country Living

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You might think of country living as being stuck out in the sticks with no amenities and being stuck in when it snows or gets icy. However, there’s no arguing with the fact that living in the countryside has numerous mental and physical benefits. Being that bit closer to nature can help us in many ways. To learn a slower pace of life and develop a greater appreciation for the nature around us makes rural living great for the soul. Here are some advantages of moving out of the city for a country life:

  1. You’ll become more mindful

Things that bypassed your attention before will suddenly spring into focus. Things like the weather, hearing the birds singing in the morning and the smell of fresh fields. All of your senses will become enhanced in the countryside which is perfect for learning how to live in the moment more.

  1. Greater appreciation of Mother Earth

You’ll begin to stop and take notice of the beauty around you and how the power of the weather and the changing seasons has such a profound effect on the life around us. Imagine the beauty of waking up to a blanket of fresh snow across the hills, a bursting stream flooding down a country lane or watching a thunder storm crash across the sky with no obstructions from other buildings nearby.

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  1. Enjoy a slower pace

You can lead a busy life no matter where you live but being surrounded by peaceful landscapes can help to maintain some perspective for those live in a rural setting. It’s easier to stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath of fresh air and remind yourself not to rush your life away. Surround yourself with places to appreciate the great outdoors and spend more time closer to nature, like vintage Shepherd Huts for your garden from .

  1. The opportunity for lots of adventure

When there’s little around you but nature and no quick access to social clubs, activities or public transport, you must rely on your imagination. There are countless adventures to be had, when getting out and about in the countryside with just your senses and imagination to hand. Children especially adore bike rides, walks or den-building in the woods and rural life gives you plenty of access to space to explore.

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  1. It’s healthier

We all know that the countryside offers more fresh air than urban areas. There’s also easier access to fresh, local and organic produce. All this does wonders for your both your mind and your body.

  1. A greater sense of well-being

It’s usually the small things in life that actually make us the happiest. Whether it’s taking a stroll with the dog, growing our own vegetables, admiring wild flowers or building a forest den with our kids, our minds are surely at their most content when living the country life. It’s much better for our physical well-being as well, whether that’s a daily walk or an hour of gardening.


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