Should I wear black or brown shoes?

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There are times when it will be glaringly obvious what colour shoes are called for; however, there will be other times when you will stand there holding your favourite black shoe in one hand and your best brown boots in the other, wondering which way to step. To help you out, here are some top tips for choosing the right colour footwear to finish off your look.

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Outfit colours

This is one of the most important consideration when choosing what will go best with your collection of mens Farah shirts or Levi jeans. In general, earthy tones will look best with brown shoes or boots, whilst sporty and urbane colours often look best with black.

Navy can go with either, while black trousers will normally go best with black shoes and brown will team with brown – although there will always be exceptions to this rule.

There may be times when you want to shun convention in favour of a more fun and funky look – just be sure that the result is a look that says high fashion rather than poor taste.

Styling details

Generally, an outfit will come together best if the colour of your belt and shoes matches. You might also want to consider the effect your bag and any other accessories will have on your overall appearance.

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Colour coordination is a skill that you can learn, as explained by Cosmopolitan. The article is aimed at women, but the principles are the same!

Consider the vibe

Just as when browsing clothing ranges from retailers such as, you need to think about what sort of vibe you are going for when making choices about the finishing touches to your outfit.

Black shoes can be perceived as more serious or aggressive than brown, for example, and the colour you choose could ultimately come down to what type of mood you are in. The overall impression, of course, will also depend on the type of shoes of boots you own.

Trust your instincts

If all else fails, try on different choices and see which looks best. You should get a gut feeling about which one works. If in doubt, enlist the help of an honest friend or family member to tell you which pair looks better.

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