Office Design Trends for 2019

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Office design is changing rapidly in response to both manufacturing and technological advances. These new ideas and innovations are helping us to rethink traditional ideas on how work environments should look and feel. Gone are the days when we had to sit in tight cubicles or be surrounded by heavy dark wood furniture. The offices of today and tomorrow are increasingly places of minimalist design, luxury fittings, handcrafted pieces and either a neutral or bold, colourful theme.

The main focus of office design today is improving spaces for everybody by recognising the value of the individual in the work place. Wellbeing has become one of the major trends for all workplaces. Designers are trying to create spaces where people thrive and not just somewhere to tolerate.

Going green

As well becoming more sustainable, offices are becoming greener in the literal sense. From rooftop gardens to water features, plant-based wall dividers or bamboo furniture – offices are introducing more natural elements. The aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of all workers. Nature has many beneficial effects, including helping staff to feel calmer and happier. Now companies are going one step further, incorporating sustainable elements such as renewable energy sources, air purification, grey water systems, electric car rental and more.

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Tons of texture

With offices becoming more minimalist, streamlined or neutral, the aesthetics can become a little flat. This is where texture comes in, enhancing the décor and making it more fun. Appeal to the senses by introducing some home comforts, like faux sheepskin throws on the chairs, fabric on the walls, woven rugs, handmade baskets and seashell decorations, for example.

Inclusion and accessibility

There are some innovative ideas on how to improve accessibility for individuals, particularly those with disabilities or impairments. For example, there is a system called UNI which offers real-time translation for employees with hearing disabilities, helping them to participate in real-time meetings and interact with colleagues. In terms of layout and furniture, the one-size-fits-all desk and chair set-up is a thing of the past. You’re now more likely to find an Eames office Chair than you are a cheap, generic one. Find a range of Eames office chairs here at Pash Classics.

Now, companies are truly considering the individual with adjustable height desks for sitting and standing work, adaptive chairs, assistive devices, quiet floors and many other ‘wellbeing-focused’ ideas. It’s all geared towards helping workers to thrive instead of just exist in their work environment.

On trend colours

The top colours for this year include something for everyone, whether you’re decorating for a young tech start-up or an elegant heritage firm. There are contemporary blends of blue hues and oranges which represent opposites on the colour wheel. For a more elegant look, gold is big right now, as are neutral metallics for a futuristic look. Bright and bold are in vogue, especially for chair fabrics, floor coverings and accent walls.


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