Five advantages of happy workplaces

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Having a team of employees who are happy at work can mean a huge difference in productivity and provide a better working environment for everyone. While some people thrive under pressure and find stress a good motivator, this is not a desirable strategy and can cause unhappiness and even illness.

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Better performance

A study involving making workers feel happy and relaxed by offering them refreshments and making them laugh demonstrated that they performed better than a similar group who were not given the same benefits. Businesses that want to offer the best customer service they can should start with making sure that their employees are happy at work and comfortable in their working environment.

Stockholm is often seen as taking the lead when it comes to the work-life balance, with two years’ parental leave for every child and flexible working considered the norm.

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Increased productivity

Office fit out companies are helping businesses to ensure their working environment provides a happy and positive space. Companies such as Mobius at work specialise in office fit outs that meet the needs of employers and their staff. They help to provide the best possible working conditions to create a productive atmosphere where staff feel happy, valued and part of a team.

Higher retention rates

There are many benefits to having a happy workforce. These include the commitment and retention of staff, which saves businesses recruitment and training costs. It is estimated that it takes up to two years for a new employee to achieve a similar level of productivity as a predecessor, which is another reason for employers to try to hold on to existing staff.

Healthier employees

It goes without saying that people who have a positive outlook in life tend to drink and smoke less and look after themselves better. Research also shows that simply by being happier, people are healthier and therefore less likely to require time off work.

Increased positivity

Positive attitudes and enthusiasm in the workplace can benefit the whole team. If junior staff see this from their superiors, it can be motivational and help them to deal more effectively with any work-related issues.

There are many ways to ensure staff happiness and satisfaction, including making employees feel valued, encouraging learning from mistakes, creating opportunities for reviews and progress meetings, and giving employees a voice in any future planning.

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