Essential Horseback-Riding Apparel

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Horse riding is much like any other sport in that you need certain types of gear. Horseback-riding gear includes tack, which are the items that you need to sit up on the horse and control it, e.g., the bridle, saddle, etc. However, it also includes the apparel you should wear for safety and comfort. Here are some ideas to get you started.


You may be able to find discount riding boots at a more affordable price. If not, boots that reach at least your ankles with at least a one-inch heel and a good tread are acceptable. You could get hurt if you fell off the horse after your foot slipped through the stirrup. The heel of the boot is important to prevent slippage.


It is critically important to obtain a helmet designed specifically for horseback riding. A helmet intended for other purposes, such as riding a bike, will not provide the necessary protection. Your riding instructor may be able to provide helmets for you, or you may have to bring your own. A helmet is essential because horses are large, powerful creatures. Though they may not intend to do harm, they do not always behave predictably. A severe impact to the head from falling off a horse could result in a traumatic brain injury.

Riding Pants

Ridings pants go by different names, such as jodhpurs and breeches. Regardless of the name, they are designed to keep you secure in the saddle with patches on the inside of the knee made of grippy material and no seams along the inside of the leg.


Gloves help you to keep a safe grip on the reins by preventing them from becoming slick with sweat from your hands. They also make holding the reins more comfortable.

Other Clothing

You do not need any specific sort of shirt or jacket to go horseback riding. You should choose something that does not restrict your movement but is not excessively loose fitting. It should be made of a breathable fabric.

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