How to Save Money When Dining in Italy

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Undoubtedly, volumes can be written about tourists that have been ripped off in countries around the world. Our focus is Italy and food. If you want to sip some vino and indulge in the cuisine, you might want to take down some tips before you order.

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Before You Sit Down

Enquire as to whether or not seated customers “al tavolo” get charged more than standing customers “al banco”. The difference in price can be minimal, but it can also be very big. Be sure to know that difference before you take a seat.

Seafood Prices Can Be Fishy

Fresh fish in Italy is expensive – far more expensive than it will be at Italian restaurants in Dublin. You therefore need to know that it gets sold by weight. It’s difficult to guess what it is going to cost in the end, so ask them to give you an estimate before you place your order. It will undoubtedly be delicious, but you don’t want a bad taste in your mouth when the bill arrives.

Never Fear Asking the Question

Don’t let the language barrier put you off asking the right questions. Make sure that you ask the question as you order or before you eat anything. Once you’ve polished the plate, you won’t have a leg to stand on.

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Measure Menus Up Against Each Other

Compare the Italian and English menus with one another. Look for things like that might involve an added service charge. You don’t want to sour your experience of Italian food with trumped-up hidden charges. If everything goes smoothly, you will be reliving your Italian dining experience back home at a place like forno500.

Insist on a Receipt

Ask for a receipt once you’ve paid the bill. According to Italian law you can insist on an itemised receipt. The last thing you need on your Italian trip is to be broke and in a bind. However, according to, there is help at hand.

Extras Are Never Free

“There’s no such thing as a free meal ticket”. Especially not in Italy. Check before anything comes to your table what the cost will be. Also, don’t assume that anything on the table, like the bread, wine or water, is included as part of the cover charge.

In short, the rule is: ask before you eat.

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