Top furnishing tips for your summer house

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A summer house is a beautiful garden feature that gives you extra living space. You can turn your summer house into a spare bedroom, a living room or even a studio for you to work in, but either way, it is important to make the most out of the space that you get.

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Here are some top furnishing tips for your summer house.

Use multi-purpose furniture

Most summer houses are fairly small, but you can make the most of the space by buying multi-purpose furniture. Items such as coffee tables with storage, sofa beds or box seating can help to utilise the space that you have.

Talk to the person the room is designed for

If the summer house is going to be a den for teenagers or an office for your partner you should consult them. It is important that the room fits the person’s style, and they may have some suggestions about what to do with the space.

Embrace garden furniture

Garden furniture looks great in a summer house and it is often cheaper than normal furniture, but many people shy away from using garden furniture as they worry it will look too outdoorsy. You can avoid this by buying cushioned garden furniture to add a sense of comfort and warmth.

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Consider a daybed

A daybed is a great addition to a summer house, especially if you are using the space as an extra living room or bedroom.

Blinds or curtains?

Curtains tend to make a room look slightly smaller so you should avoid using them if your summer house is very small, but if you dislike blinds you could try a light, airy option like voile curtains.

Blinds are a great option as you can adjust the amount of light in the room. According to DIY Tips roman, venetian and roller blinds let you choose the amount of light you want in your room, so you don’t have to choose between full light and darkness.

Personalise the space

The final thing that you should do is personalise your summer house with pictures and prints that you love. This way the space will feel like it truly belongs to you!


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