Trends in digital healthcare and app development

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The sphere of influence exuded by smartphones has grown to encompass almost every area of domestic and professional life, so it is no surprise that healthcare is one of the areas impacted by the rise of apps.

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While healthcare requirements may vary from person to person, there are still trends that influence app use in this marketplace. By analysing these trends, it is possible to acquire a deeper understanding of how and why they are having an effect.

Ubiquity and trustworthiness

What makes digital healthcare so relevant to modern life is that many of the major device manufacturers now integrate health-related functionality as standard in their mobile handsets and wearable gadgets. Being able to measure activity levels and even check pulse rates in real time is becoming a compulsion for millions of people, which in turn is generating a lot of trust.

Analysts even found that mobile users are more likely to trust health apps than their own doctors, according to Forbes. This puts developers in a position of responsibility when it comes to creating apps that live up to expectations.

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AI and direct engagement

Two strands of digital healthcare that are developing concurrently and yet take entirely different approaches to tackling common problems are the use of artificial intelligence and the integration of video calls.

When it comes to AI, major research centres are developing machine learning algorithms that can carry out tests and tackle deadly diseases almost autonomously, with effective applications in the early detection of skin cancer already achieved.

Meanwhile, apps that include video calling capabilities can enable healthcare professionals to speak with, diagnose and offer treatment to users even if they are on the other side of the world. This helps to overcome geographic boundaries and provides a face-to-face experience that is not replicable in any other medium.

Standalone apps

Many hospitals and healthcare organisations are jumping on the app bandwagon by developing their own bite-sized software solutions, both for mobile platforms and web browsers, with the help of firms such as London SEO agency

These apps are more than just an exercise in branding, enabling these organisations to take some of the strain off their other resources and meet the needs of users more effectively without diminishing the quality of the care they receive.

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