When Hydraulics provide the fun

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When you go on a rollercoaster or a fairground ride, you might not give a lot of thought to how it all works. This is a shame because you will find a considerable amount of engineering underneath the carnival lights, bright colours and speed. When you consider the speed and forces you are going to be put through, it’s good to know that these systems will protect you and give you a thrill. Most of the methods that run these rides need a Hydraulic Power Pack, and hydraproducts.co.uk are the ones to provide it.

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Here are some examples of the rollercoasters that use them. For the most part the hydraulics launcher the coaster. The fluid builds up behind the rollercoaster then propels it at great speed.

  1. Stealth at Thrope Park. Stealth is the fastest rollercoaster in the UK. Like most hydraulic launch coasters it has a shuttle and rail car system.  You go from a standing start to 80 milers per hour in 2 seconds. It allows you to be sent 205ft in the air at it’s highest point.
  2. Rita, the Queen of Speed. Hidden in the Dark Forest section of Alton towers. You only go from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds but thats still noticeable. The ride features loops and huge speed turns. It’s said to be able to operate 1,125 rides a day.

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  1. Velocity in Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire. Another example of the hydraulic launch system but on Motorbikes, or an approximation of some. As fast as Rita and also a very open ride that heightens the experience.

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