A foolproof guide to breakfast in bed

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Breakfast in bed is such a romantic notion – we’ve all had visions of clean white sheets, freshly brewed coffee and warm croissants. The reality, however, is frequently that of split drinks, crumbs and cold toast. If you dream of serving up the perfect breakfast in bed, then read our foolproof guide to getting it right, every time.

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Spillage prevention

Drink spillage prevention is one of the most important elements of breakfast in bed. The trick is to use large cups and fill them only half or 3/4 full, which will help prevent any spillages on the way. Once you have delivered breakfast, ideally move cups or glasses from the tray first and put them on a solid surface, such as a bedside table.

The gift of breakfast

If you’re researching how to serve the perfect breakfast in bed, the chances are you are doing this for someone you love. If that’s the case, don’t forget the special things. Include some flowers, a card or perhaps a small gift to really show you care.

Getting the tray right

A flimsy, small or old tray just won’t do. Invest in a comfortable, practical and stylish padded lap tray. In fact, to make the breakfast truly special, consider making it personal – there’s an excellent choice of Padded Lap Trays available at personalisedlaptrays.co.uk. A personalised padded lap tray can, in fact, double up as the perfect Valentine’s, Christmas or birthday present.

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Serve simple, but special food

Avoid anything too tricky or time-consuming or anything that can only be eaten steaming hot. Soft boiled eggs are a good option, as they don’t spill and they also stay warm, as opposed to scrambled eggs which cool quickly. Simply boil the eggs and brew the tea first and do the toast last, so you can serve it still warm. Other options include purchasing pre-prepared food items, such as frozen pastries. Delicious and nutritious fruit smoothies are a great idea, as they can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge. In fact, anything you can make ahead is a winner when you’re feeling bleary-eyed.

Hopefully, this foolproof guide to breakfast in bed has helped you think about how you are going to bring a very big smile to face of the one you love this Sunday.

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