Christmas Look
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Get the perfect Christmas look with these tips

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We choose a point to highlight, either the eyes or lips, but never both. You can opt for a brilliant shades and a neutral tone in the mouth.

The holidays can pose a concern for women. Finding the perfect look for the occasion can be a tedious task, and the pressure to be perfect, comfortable and look original can be somewhat overwhelming when you do not have any knowledge related to the glamor and fashion world.

Find suitable attire is difficult, especially when the prices of clothing are very high and little affordable.

Christmas Look
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However, with the help of these tips you can feel beautiful and fabulous, besides comfortable to wear flattering clothes that will be your main attraction in the holidays.

Dresses: What you choose?

Depending on what the category of the festival, will choose one gown or cocktail, according to the occasion. If the event is labeled, you should opt for a long dress. Maybe a queue that would looks stunning and very sophisticated.

Furthermore, considering the holiday season, you will open yourself to the possibility of using warm or cool colors, always leaning more traditional colors like red and navy blue.

Do not use patterned backgrounds or some kind of glow in the fabric of the dress will be too loaded whole.

If the event is more casual, opt for dresses to knee length. You can play with the cut and design of what you will use.

Leave aside the neutral colors like black and white. Enjoy the festivities and combines colors like emerald green and gold, a perfect blend that will make you look attractive.

Moreover, the velvety fabrics and sequins are a bit dated, but if you combine the accessories listed, you can make your outfit work and look great.

Christmas Look
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What accessories should you use?

As for accessories, consider the neckline and contrasting colors to your wardrobe. If the neckline of your dress is too short, you’d better not wear collars for the length of your neck is not lost.

However, if you want to hide that part, it used collars that have the appearance of a not very thick choker and a soft color such as silver for not too noticeable difference.

Earrings can be the color you prefer. Just remember that they should not be too large or long to not overshadow your hair or your face.

For years the shoes were elected the same color as the main catches, but that’s over. Now you can choose from an endless array of colors that contrast with the set in general.

High heels and shiny are right for this season.

Now, with the temperature is very low in the coming days, it is important to choose accurately indicated no coat to cover all or ruin the look you have created.

Coats or shawls are one of the most successful options to match any wardrobe, but these do need to be more casual or neutral color such as black; remember not to use clothes with floral patterns or fringes.

Christmas Look
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How should you do your hair and makeup?


Hair up can be a bit boring, even if it is too formal events. The trend this year is to take the hair loose and some bohemian deep.  You can also decorate it with tweezers or touched do not call too much attention.


The skin and eyes are the two focal points of your face. Do not use a basis other than the color of your face; to choose it, you must choose a tone from the middle of your neck and cheeks. There you find the perfect hue.

Christmas Look
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Use warm colors like brown and a spark of brilliance with glitter or glitter shadows. This will highlight your eyes without being seen too full.

Use all combinations that are within your reach, do not exaggerate with traditional patterns and colors left for later. Feel alive and put into practice these tips to look fabulous at Christmas.

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