Does it matter if your toilet is dirty?

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If your business spends more time and effort on the ‘front of house’ cleaning, and neglecting your restrooms, then you are in for a shock. Suspect smells, unpleasant stains and sticky surfaces are some of the grim things that must be dealt with when faced with a dirty toilet. The lack of a pleasant bathroom will have a detrimental impact on your business.

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Bad image

You must make the effort as it will reflect on your business as a whole. Do you really want to make a bad impression because of a dirty toilet? Dirty toilets will leave visitors wondering whether you are negligent in other areas as well and doubt your reliability. Leaving blocked drains also leaves a bad impression. For help with Blocked Drains Southend, visit

Harmful to health

It’s not rocket science to realize that when something is dirty, it holds more germs. A small room can be used by many people every day and become a breeding ground for bacteria. By not maintaining the cleanliness of the toilet, you put your staff and visitors at increased risk, which would reflect very badly indeed on the reputation of your business. If staff should fall ill, your business then must deal with the loss and a decrease in productivity.

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Keep the good work

Once you have a sparkling toilet, it is important to keep it fresh with regular checkups and action. How is this accomplished? Keeping your place stocked with accessible cleaning products which can include disinfectants, mops and wipes. Always make sure you have a supply of toilet rolls, and antibacterial hand soap and replenish when necessary. Be sure to handle the big issues directly before they turn into a headache, such as clogged drains, overflowing trash or blocked toilets.

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