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Five Candy Gift Baskets To Send To Your Young Adult

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Moving into a college dorm or first apartment is a big step for your young adult. You can help them get through this experience by surprising them with a bouquet of their favorite candy. Here are five candy bouquets to send to your child.

Extreme Reese’s and M&M’s Bouquet

Surprise your child with a bouquet of Reese’s and M&M’s candy. The assortment ranges from Reese’s Pieces and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to M&M’s Plain and M&M’s Peanut. Everything comes inside a container with a blue and yellow bow.

Skittles Care Package

Show your child how much you care about the Skittles Care Package. The assortment includes a movie style box, fun size, and full-size Skittles candy. There is even an option to add Starburst candy to the bouquet. The care package arrives inside a decorative box.

Nut Case Candy Bouquet

The Nut Case Candy Bouquet is perfect for the young adult who brings out your silly side. It features an assortment of candy made with nuts, such as Snickers, M&M’s and PayDay. The basket also features snacks such as Planters Peanuts, Nut Rolls and Nutter Butter cookies. Everything is arranged inside a red container with a red and leopard print bow.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Candy Bouquet

You are sure to put a smile on their face with a bouquet of Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares. The bouquet includes a variety of rich flavors, from Milk Chocolate Caramel to Dark Chocolate Mint. The squares are neatly arranged inside a blue container with a white bow.

Custom Candy Bouquet

You have your pick of the bunch with the Custom Candy Bouquet. You can customize the bouquet with snacks ranging from Reese’s candy to Oreo cookies. The contents come inside a decorative container.

The bouquets are arranged at the time of your order to ensure the snacks are fresh, but it is recommended to use the next day shipping option to keep the chocolate from melting.

Your young adult is sure to feel right at home when they receive a bouquet of their favorite treats.

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