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Option B: When it is busy apparatus in which we have to train

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Every day we get tired of seeing people in the training rooms waiting with nothing to do because the device they have to perform is not available at that time. This simple fact can have a number of consequences on performance training and therefore it is essential to have an option B or know better handle the situation. So in this post we want to stop at this point that many of us never taken into account.

At first glance wait for a machine or dumbbells vacates stay free, that is something that has much more impact, but it is a brake on the dynamics of training and the pace we are following. We must bear in mind that when training a muscle group we circulate blood. If we stop this rate will decrease, making it costs us more to resume activity. It is therefore not advisable to stand waiting, and for this you need to have an option B.

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Conduct a similar exercise we were going to carry out

On previous occasions we talked about the active rest between sets. What we propose is a bit the same, since there are several options B that can apply when we touch wait. One of the most common and which is not usually fail opt for a similar exercise we would do. That is, it is necessary that impinges on the same muscular part that we would work with which we cannot do. To do this it is necessary to know the different exercises and know how they would do with the machine or dumbbell, and even devices like the TRX…

Knowing that the routine can vary in an exercise is essential. We do not have to strictly stick to the routine we do every week. It is more, the variation is the taste! And in this case vary the exercise is very good for subjecting the muscles to a different training not always carry out. It is therefore a good choice to opt for an option B. In this way we will be keeping not only active, but will be training differently and more stimulating muscles.

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Other exercises such as crunches

Another alternative that can be applied to avoid is to stay cold waiting for another exercise to keep us active. For example it is well to alternate crunches with muscle training of the day. This will allow us to work the abdominal wall while making time to continue with the muscle group in question. Also, keep training between sets is one of the best ways to increase energy consumption, although sometimes the final yield decreases.

Antagonistic muscle exercise or continue with the previous year

Among the possibilities also highlight the shuffle of exercises interspersed affected, the antagonist muscle group to which we are carrying out. It is true that this is OK to save training sessions, but realistically, the intensity of work of the groups will not be the same as when we separate. So as option B also will raise as we wait to continue the immediately preceding year, but do not just load. Just to keep working muscles with the same activity.

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