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3 things that happen in your body when you sleep late

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When you sleep late, beyond losing the day, you may experience long-term problems in your health, such as weight gain or even circulatory difficulties.

We all feel a strong affection for our pillow and its ally, the sheet. We want while in the morning cost us away from them and even when we went to bed late last night. It’s a daily battle.

Every morning, the pillow and sheets wrapping will follow in its softness, if you sleep late. And what’s wrong nighters? Let us tell you that when you do, you are depriving your dream.

In the last two decades it has seen an increasing sleep deprivation in the world population. Today every human being is a worker. And who it is not, has social networks for entertainment until late at night.

In the US, insomnia is already considered an epidemic and, according to a survey conducted in 2013 by Gallup, it found that 42% of US citizens enjoy less than seven hours of sleep each night.

sleep late
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Sleep deprivation can cause dark circles, mood swings and late for work. It’s almost a formula say: Sleep late afternoon = Awakening.

You can also create problems with your boss. In addition, there are other causes that result from working or watching your favorite series until well into the night. This can happen when you sleep late:

1. Shalt ascend weight

Sleep is so healthy that when you do not, reflected in the body. Before we’ve already mentioned that your body reflects what is happening inside you. Even when you sleep late.

If something abnormal happens, you have health problems and obesity is one of them. If you deprive your sleep, your body gets tired more and the next day you do not want to wake up. As you spend hours while you’re in bed, the extra pounds or pounds can climb.

In a study conducted in 2015 at Weill Cornell Medical College and presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society it is suggested that you should not ignore bedtime.

With only hold 30 minutes of sleep each night could get a weight gain and insulin resistance. This study involved 522 participants, and duration of 7 days.

People who took longer to fall asleep were 72% more likely to be obese compared to those who slept before.

Losing weight is also related to loss of appetite and metabolism of hormones.

2. You will lose sexual appetite

There is a moment of life in which only use the bed for sleeping and sex. At other times you may find yourself going to bed only for sleeping. Now you are late, tired and bad because you sleep little.

The time you rest is not enough to look good with your partner during intimacy.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine found in a study today that, among women, the duration of sleep is closely related to a greater desire to have sex on the day.

The research indicated that, just after an hour of sleep, an increase of 14% in the probability of having sex the next day was experienced.

That same study found that women who spent more time under the sheets also reported better genital arousal and greater ability to reach orgasm than those who did not.

This has nothing to do with the mood swings that are also associated with sleep. Scholars believe that the change in hormone product of sleep loss involve poor sexual performance.

If you are having problems in your sex life, analyze if your dream may be to blame. Many women blame the menopause in these situations, when other factors affecting them.

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3. Your blood begins to boil

So is. Literally your blood boils when you sleep late. It was found that those exposed to short periods of sleep are more likely to have an increase in blood pressure overnight.

In those who tend to restrict their sleep may increase your blood pressure, unlike those typically close their eyes properly.

When blood pressure rises at night it is worrying. According to some researchers the values of nocturnal blood pressure are at increased cardiovascular risk marker daytime values.

When this happens, it is indicating that the heart works harder than it should during their rest period.

Avoid sleeping late as you can

The reasons for sleep early are stronger than simple circles. Already you know them!

It is advisable to arrange your agenda. Do not let anything interrupt you while you work. Manage your schedule, even if you’re home. So you will work in the shortest possible time and have room to rest.

Bedtimes do not touch. Sleeping well is take care of your health.

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