The chat show hosts and us

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Chat shows have consistently been a big audience pleaser on UK television screens.  While it could be argued that they are just a way for Stars to push their latest film or book, they have provided some of the most entertaining moments in television history. To be able to properly view those moments, and any to come, you will need a TV aerial installation Bristol company like the one in the link. Chat Show  hosts have been seen as the epitome of a good time Mr Friday/Saturday night. They bring in the big names and ask them all the difficult questions that nobody dares to ask.  One theory about the success of chat shows, and the chat show host, is that they act as a buffer between us and the artists.  It’s their job to illustrate how normal and like the rest of us these big names are.

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Some of the best chat show hosts are able to extract particularly witty stories and anecdotes from their guests.  There is also a degree of gentle ribbing of the stars and in some cases, with the arch interviewer Graham Norton for example, there is the ability to get an embarrassing tale or two out of them.

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Most TV chat shows are classed as light entertainment.  The format was taken to its most regular extreme with the BBC’s decision to put Terry Wogan on for every weekday at one point in the 1980’s.  For the most part, you will find that Saturday night remains the domain of the television host and their guests.

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