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The key to raising children free of anxiety and fears

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Anxiety among younger people is becoming more common, and they seem to have found a reason. Discover how to prevent your children from having short and long-term anxiety.

A few generations ago the children did not sit wrapped in a blanket watching videos on their iPad; they went out to the street to kick a ball, or to investigate the most remote places in their neighborhood. Today it is more common to see a group of kids with their smartphones to see who gets the highest score in the newest game than competing to see who climbs the tallest tree.

As children’s habits have changed, levels of anxiety among younger people have also increased. However, despite spending the day stuck on a screen is not good for health, researchers have discovered that one of the biggest causes of anxiety among children is the lack of risk.

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Children today are overprotected. They are under the constant supervision of their parents, who keep them away from any situation that may pose the slightest risk, and the biggest danger they face is on the web where many circulate freely. It is understandable that parents want to protect their children, however, according to a study some risk activities can be more beneficial than dangerous for children.

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Letting your child climb a tree or jump from a wall (obviously at a reasonable height) is a worthwhile risk; thus, keeping them away from moderately dangerous tools can do more good than harm; and going down the street at full speed on a scooter is an experience that will benefit them in the future.

Moreover, there are already spaces where children can be exposed to risk under disguised supervision. It is a plot where they can make fire, break pallets and hang on ropes. Adults make sure they are watching them well without the young people being aware of it. This gives them more confidence in themselves and reduces their anxiety, leading them to success.

Try to give your children more independence, and encourage them to have more exciting experiences in real life than through a computer screen.

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