How to prepare your vehicle for autumn

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As climatic conditions begin to change significantly in the UK, it is important that your vehicle is able to cope. Here are some key ways to ensure that your vehicle can deal with autumn and winter.

Look after your tyres

If you normally switch your tyres to winter tyres, you should do this around the end of October.

Whatever tyres you opt for, you need to ensure that they have sufficient tread depth to last you through until spring. Although the legal limit for tyre tread is 1.6mm, it is generally recommended that 3mm should be the point at which you consider new tyres.

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Additionally, it is important to keep your tyre pressure at the optimum level. This applies throughout all seasons, but especially in the autumn and winter. Low pressure or overinflation can lead to handling issues, excess wear and unreliability.

Keep liquids topped-up

Oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, air coolant and screenwash are all important. Making sure that you have adequate levels of these and a spare supply where possible, will ensure that you avoid breakdowns, engine damage from overheating or freezing, and have good visibility.

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Increase your visibility

More hours of darkness and wetter, dirtier roads can combine to create poor visibility. To keep yourself and others safe, you should attempt to ensure your vehicle is as visible as possible. Make sure that all your lights are working and that the lenses are clean. Check both of these regularly, and when driving, make sure to use your headlights whenever you feel necessary.

If your vehicle is a dark colour, consider adding reflectors or putting bright stickers on your bumpers.

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Get a service

If your vehicle is due for a service soon, get it booked in and done before the colder conditions start so that it is in tip-top shape for autumn and winter.

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