Five considerations when shopping for window blinds

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Blinds are a very popular option for window coverings, thanks in part to the sheer versatility and huge variety available.

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They can also be much more economical than curtains, which look great but can cost hundreds of pounds, and blinds come in styles to suit any interior. Just be sure to get your measuring right if you’re ordering online! Here are five things to consider.

Which room?

This is the first question to ask. If it’s a bedroom, you’ll probably want blackout blinds or blackout lining if you’re going for a fabric blind. Roller blinds, particularly waterproof blinds, are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as they are easy to clean, and a waterproof finish will protect against the high levels of humidity in these rooms.

What’s your budget?

Blinds can be very cost-effective, and although you can spend hundreds of pounds if you desire, you can buy a small, made-to-measure blind for around £20 from online specialists like UC Blinds.

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Shade or privacy?

If it’s just privacy you want, a sheer blind will give you privacy without compromising on light levels. If it’s keeping the sun out that’s the problem, go for a blackout lining in bedrooms or a thicker fabric or PVC in living areas.

Shade and privacy?

Also known as day and night or zebra blinds, vision blinds are a roller blind with a double layer of fabric. Each of these layers has stripes of opaque and translucent fabric. A single control cord adjusts these layers so that you can either have a solid panel for blocking out light or alternate stripes of opaque and translucent to allow light in while still getting some degree of privacy.

The right material

Roman and roller blinds are made of fabric. For roller blinds, it’s usually a type of plastic or PVC, which makes them easy to clean with a damp cloth and therefore great for kitchens or bathrooms. Roman blinds are made from natural fibres such as cotton, silk, canvas, linen, or a cotton mix. While these look great, they are best suited to living areas and bedrooms where they’re not likely to get damp or dirty. Venetian blinds are either made from wood or plastic. If you’re looking for a kitchen or bathroom blind, go for a plastic one to avoid water damage.

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