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How to improve memory?

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Do you want to improve memory, but do not know how? We offer you effective tips for improving memory!

You catch yourself thinking that you are not good at remembering various information: phone numbers, names of people around, dates of birth of relatives?

Does your memory constantly fail you at improper moments? How to improve memory?

I will share with you a little secret – in order to improve memory- it needs to be trained!

Our memory has an unlimited volume, many cells for various information, we simply have not learned to use them!

I want to offer you effective advice that will allow you to keep in your head a lot of interesting information!

How to improve memory? Effective tips!

1) Get enough sleep to improve memory!

Remember, a strong 8-hour sleep is very necessary to support your brain in a healthy state.

You should understand that for the whole day your brain works well while solving a huge number of different tasks.

Night for him is like a medicine to rest well and gain strength the next day.

2) Do you want to improve memory?

Then read useful books!

When you read – your brain automatically and automatically remembers the information read, and if it is still vital and positive – so much so!

In your brain, vivid images emerge, imagination turns on!

Reading is an excellent training for your memory, also you have a vocabulary of words, intelligence increases!

3) How to improve memory? Learn the poetry by heart!

Think about how many poems you know by heart?

But your child knows a lot of poems in contrast to some.

Learn poetry along with your child – it will not only train your memory – it will give you a lot of pleasant sensations of beauty!

4) Computer games improve memory!

Fans of computer games will be interested to know that they not only kill time at the computer, but also improve their memory.

But … .for the memory is enough 30 minutes of the game, but not the whole day.

When you play a logical game – your brain thinks, memorizes specific actions, chooses one or another strategy, and plans future events.

Know the measure – do not get carried away, because this thing will not lead to the good!

5) To improve memory, work with numbers!

“Well, why do I remember all the nonsense, and serious things have almost to be torn from the crawling sclerosis?”

For today, people simply cannot imagine themselves without different calculators!

And you practice practicing in your mind (better in a column, like in school), all your purchases in stores (not looking at the check).

You will not only make the brain earn, but you will also practice your memory!

6) Do you want to improve memory? Rid yourself of everyday routine!

Give your memory a chance to take a breath of fresh air!

Try to make spontaneous and unconventional acts.

For example, you can change your everyday route to work – go in other ways!

Instead of coffee in the morning – you can drink fresh juice!

Try not to look at the keyboard, and try to print several sentences by blind dialing!

In these simple ways you can save yourself from an annoying routine, reduce the manifestations of stress!

improve memory

7) To improve memory – always learn new things!

What have you always dreamed of learning how to do, but you always did not have enough time?

Today is just the right day to try your hand at the new class!

Test your strength in a new lesson – it can be exploring the mysterious secrets of the pharaohs or diving!


New is always so interesting and always motivates, adds fire to the blood, new emotions!

Give your brain and memory to work actively!

8) Tell us about yesterday

Try to remember and tell your friend how you spent yesterday!

But, start your story from the very end! It will be more difficult – but for your memory it will be just right!

When you remember about the past – your memory is activated and cannot erase the former information, which it can consider unnecessary!

9) Learn Language

Learning a foreign language is the best method of training for memory, even in life the knowledge gained will be very useful!

Try to learn 6-7 new words every day!

Here you will see, in a few weeks your memory will work like an hour!

10) Often have sex

Scientists have brought that those people who have a rich intimate life – almost never suffer from dementia!

And this is because having sex, like sports, oxygenates the body, and also helps the brain cells to grow faster by activating the hypothalamus, which in turn is responsible for memory!

11) Do not sit on rigid diets

My dear readers, remember – when you sit on too hard and almost zero-calorie diets – you lose not only weight, but also memory!

Scientists have learned that women who sit on severe diets – the information is processed very slowly!

It is better to switch to a rational diet and do not torture yourself!

12) Female contraception improves memory!

This is nonsense, but experts have brought an interesting fact that the process of memorizing is well influenced by women’s birth control pills.

The longer a woman uses them, the better the effect.

And the most interesting is that contraceptive products bring positive results even when a woman stops taking them.

13) Soy is the best remedy for memory development

Scientists have brought an interesting fact that those people who sit on a soy diet have an excellent memory!

Try to enter into your diet soy cottage cheese, soy milk, soy meat (2 times a week).

14) Always eat breakfast

Take yourself for a habit ALWAYS eat breakfast!

Your brain at the time of sleep burns a lot of calories!

Have breakfast – and you will forget forgetfulness for the whole day.

15) Forget about laziness.

Remember, lazy people will never have a good memory! Fight with laziness.

16) Sport is a good method for improving memory!

Wise people always said: “When you train your body, your memory trains too!”

And this is really true!

When you keep your body in good physical condition – the ability to process and store information in memory increases, and you also get self-esteem!

Sports activities saturate the brain with oxygen, and also reduce the risk of diseases such as: cardiovascular system, diabetes – with tolerability of which memory deteriorates.

I advise you to watch a fascinating and useful video: “How to improve memory? Effective tips! “

17) Listen to music

When listening to your favorite song, there are sound vibrations that cause brain waves! With the help of these waves, we quickly remember the information.

The best music for memory training is classical!

18) Always think about the good

The most evil enemy for memory is irritability and a negative mood!

Bad thoughts, apathy to everything – make us distracted and we do not remember anything.

But positive people, a smile, good thoughts – make our memory work for “cheers”!

Often remember the pleasant.

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