activated charcoal and the best recipes for teeth whitening

Rules of use activated charcoal and the best recipes for teeth whitening

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Coal in tablets has neither taste nor smell. Therefore, it can be applied without serious danger to health. Despite the prevalence of the technique, many do not know how to whiten teeth with activated charcoal. There are two main ways of cleaning enamel with a sorbent. Let us consider them in more detail.

  • One tablet of coal must be crushed into powder. Pour it into a tablespoon and dilute with a little water. Pour the solution onto the brush, then brush your teeth in the usual way. At the end of the procedure, do not forget to rinse the oral cavity so that the powder particles do not remain on the teeth.
  • The second way whitens more, but dentists consider it harmful and unsafe. At home, it can only be used by patients who are completely healthy and naturally strong enamel. The recipe is very simple: turn 1 tablet of coal into a powder and brush your teeth with a wet tampon moistened with it. Then rinse the mouth.

To make the result more pronounced, you can see the benefits of brushing teeth with charcoal in a first way daily for a month. After the procedure for an hour, in no case, do not smoke and do not eat foods that cause darkening of the enamel. There are other recipes using activated carbon. You can also use them at home after consulting a dentist.

  • Crushed 1 tablet of activated charcoal, mix the resulting powder with 5 g of baking soda and dilute all 5 ml of lemon juice. Brushing your teeth with this solution is not necessary more than once a week. After four procedures, take a month’s break and, if necessary, repeat the course.
  • Make a solution of 2 tablets of coal and 1 tbsp. l. 3% hydrogen peroxide. Dampen the swab in it and treat the teeth. After 5-10 minutes, you can rinse your mouth. During this time, the liquid dissolves all existing contaminants, which gives a natural clarification of the tooth enamel for several tones.
  • Mix 2 crushed tablets of activated charcoal and calcium gluconate. Dilute the powder with one ampoule of vitamin A and clean the teeth with this solution. This procedure not only cleans the enamel but also contributes to its strengthening.

Unlike methods that involve the use of only coal and water, these methods are not suitable for daily use. They are optimally conducted no more than once a week. The less often you start brushing your teeth with such compounds, the lower the chance of damaging the enamel. Keep reading

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