Wood or Carpet for Your Living Room?

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Are you thinking about replacing your living room flooring but aren’t sure what to opt for? Perhaps you’ve always had carpet but fancy a change? Or maybe your current flooring is laminate and you long for the soft, padded feel of carpet under your feet. There are advantages – as well as disadvantages – to both wood and carpet flooring, and this article aims to give you an overview of these.

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Carpet Flooring in Your Living Room

Carpet is a great choice if you love having something soft and warm under your feet. It’s great for colder homes, as it can help reduce heat loss and it adds an extra layer between you and the building’s floor. Many people with small children like carpet because it provides a soft surface for small children to fall on. Carpet is available at all price points, although the highest-quality products will set you back far more than budget versions.

However, stains can be a problem with carpets, and certain stains might need professional cleaning to completely remove them. In addition, carpets can show sighs of wear and tear quickly if you do not choose the best type for your home. Rooms with a lot of foot traffic are not suitable for many of the deeper-pile carpets that create that sumptuous, luxurious finish, so you will need something more hard-wearing in a busy family home.

Wood Flooring in Your Living Room

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Wood is undeniably timeless and simply never goes out of style. Classic styles, such as oak wood flooring from reputable suppliers like Wood Floor Warehouse, look great in modern or period properties and are perfect for living rooms where you want to add the natural warmth that wood adds. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, there are also environmental benefits to wood flooring. The Association explains that sustainable management of forests allows for wooden flooring to be produced without any serious environmental impact because wood is a renewable resource.

In addition, wood is hard-wearing and can last for many years, or even decades, if it’s installed correctly and well looked after. Solid wood can be sanded and re-waxed or varnished to give it a new lease of life in the future if needed. It can be expensive, though, so it is not a budget option.

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