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The United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Paris in 2015 to discuss climate change and what can be done to slow it. This meeting was the 21st annual session of the Conference of the Parties – which is why it is sometimes called COP21. At COP21 some of the world’s leading governments, including those from France, the United States, China, India and the United Kingdom, debated about reaching a globally agreed deal on reducing carbon emissions beyond 2020 and discussed ways in which to help poorer countries – those often hit hardest by climate change – cope with it.

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What Was Agreed?

At these talks, the Conference of the Parties agreed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and 180 countries have pledged to curb their carbon emissions. Many countries have also agreed to aim for zero net emissions between 2050 and 2100, which means that governments all over the world are looking for ways in which to prepare their countries to be carbon-neutral in 35 years.

What Does This Mean for the Catering Industry?

According to catering company Vacherin, this outcome should be a wake-up call for those within the catering industry. Vacherin’s Head of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Anthony Kingsley, believes that the COP21 should encourage customers, producers and suppliers in the industry to reduce meat and dairy consumption – both of which require very intensive, carbon-intensive production processes.

Kingsley also points out that many consumers are looking for more environmentally friendly and sustainable options. “What we’re seeing more and more is the trend of people wanting healthier meals, wanting simpler meals, wanting to know where their food is coming from.” He argues that caterers who ignore this trend are going to be missing out.  Also we are seeing people wanting a better service with facilities to match including play areas, bars and better, cleaner bathrooms.

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This is also the time that professional caterers should be considering the equipment that they use and ensuring that their kitchen is as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible – not just to save their businesses money, but to help tackle climate change. From commercial warewashers to fridges and freezers, companies are labelling their goods to make it easier for chefs to understand the efficiency of their products.

Encouraging customers to reduce food waste by taking home their leftovers is another great way to help reduce climate change.

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