Now is the time to save electricity

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With electricity prices rising and no end in sight, everybody is thinking about ways to save money without sacrificing too much of their comfort. Nobody wants to pay more than they should, so here are some top ways to reduce your electricity usage:

Change to LED lights

LED lights are more efficient, last much longer, and produce pleasant natural lighting. Consider installing them with an intelligent switch that can vary from a short timer to light bulbs controllable from your smartphone.

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Turn appliances off completely

We are all guilty of leaving appliances on standby, which means small amounts of electricity are still being sent to them. Please turn it off at the wall when you are not using an appliance.

Maintain your meters

A faulty or damaged meter could be providing incorrect readings. Keep yours in good order. For details on replacing an Electric Meter box, contact a site like

Use the fridge to defrost food

Did you know that defrosting frozen food in the refrigerator will cool down the interior meaning the fridge won’t need to draw as much power to keep it cold?

Improve cooking efficiency

When boiling a pan, be sure to use the lid, as this will use less energy and make it quicker to cook food. Use the whole oven for cooking food so you are not wasting energy.

Choose a cooler wash

Clothes can be cleaned these days effectively at 30 degrees, providing the same results. Lowering your wash cycle temperature allows you to use less energy and still enjoy fresh, clean clothing.

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Dry outside

Tumble dryers are notorious for using a lot of electricity. When the weather is dry, peg your clothes outside to dry naturally. Even if they don’t dry completely, it will significantly reduce the time needed in the dryer.

Make use of sunshine

The sun is a natural and powerful energy source, so open the curtains and let the warmth and light pour in. It might mean less time with the heating or lights on.

Only boil what you need

Most of us don’t overthink the amount of water we put in the kettle. However, unless you’re catering for a party, chances are you are overfilling your kettle when you want a cuppa. Try to boil only the amount you need to save energy with each cup you make.

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