How To Make More Sustainable Fashion Choices

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If you’ve seen the news, you’re likely already aware of the shape the planet is in. Fast fashion is one of the biggest personal contributors to climate change. Making a difference when it comes to your wardrobe is one of the most sustainable choices that you can make. Making the change from fast fashion to more sustainable clothing choices is one of the best ways to start transforming your life towards a more sustainable system of choices. If you’re looking for tips on how to invest in your future by switching over to purchasing decisions that are better for the planet, this article is for you.

Invest In Quality Clothing

One of the first changes when it comes to more sustainable clothing choices is to invest in higher quality clothing choices. Dropping the fast fashion brands is no easy task. The first thing you should do is reconsider if your style. Most fast fashion brands live on the idea that the fashion world goes incredibly quickly, relying on a quick turnover of trends and styles that ultimately have customers running to the store for every new trend. Reevaluate your style and consider a more classical and long-lasting style. Invest in pieces like a tooled leather belt buckle with high-quality construction that you know will last you for years to come.

Go Thrifting

Higher quality clothing is generally much more expensive than fast fashion. This is one of the reasons that so many fast fashion customers keep buying fast fashion instead of investing in expensive and higher quality clothing. Thrifting is an excellent option for those looking to spend less but also looking to make more sustainable choices. Not only do thrift stores not contribute to the over-production of apparel, but vintage clothing tends to last longer and be much more likely to have high-quality fabrics. Know what to look for when you go thrifting, like good stitching, high-quality brands, specific fabrics and blends, you’ll be able to save money and the planet by switching over to thrift stores.

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