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10 Tips for living in family harmony

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Life together with your family members is an experience, because together they share a story, make important decisions such as buying a department and generally coexist day to day. It should be noted that for any family member, the place where they live is considered a refuge; a place where they can be themselves without fear of being judged since they are surrounded by their loved ones. However, there comes a point where coexistence is monotonous, stress levels increase as it seems that you do not have a place to relax.

Here you will find 10 tips to make family life more harmonious …

living in family
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1. Enjoy the company of each one

Sometimes the stress of work is taken to the home, causing fights, strong arguments and emotional wounds that mark people. You should enjoy a little more of the company of the family and should respect. Realize that work stress stays at work and home is going to happen with the children and with the wife. You should take advantage of the time you have with the children because in the blink of an eye they will be adults and there will be no time to spend together. Make keep beautiful family memories that last you for a lifetime enjoying quality family moments.

2. Share stories

Take lunch, or the end of it, to tell stories of what they did when they were young. The children always want to know how young people lived 20 years ago and stories are the best way to tell them. After lunch or during, ask them what they did during the day and if they tell you a story, complement it by telling them something you did when they were young.

3. Put the marriage first

Routine is the cancer of every couple relationship. If you already have children, you must find a way to revive the flame of love that has been extinguished; organize a romantic dinner at home or in a restaurant. You could take an anniversary to go out with your partner and have a good time just the two of you without the company of your children. If you still do not have children, then you have more time and you have the duty to be more attentive or attentive with your partner. Do not let the routine consume them is key to have a lasting relationship.

4. Share the meals

Lunch time is the ideal time to share with the family, as everyone takes a break in their daily activities. At least, as a family they should share four lunches a week, especially on weekends that should be taken advantage of to leave home and share a family lunch at their favorite restaurant or in the place where they have always wanted to go. Also, during breakfast, lunch or dinner that you share together, avoid distractions such as watching TV while eating or entertaining your children, if they are small, with toys. Concentrate on the moment you are spending together and take advantage of it to the fullest.

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5. Play together

Organize family outings so that your children have good memories of their childhood. Children fly by and children remember everything; If you remember when you took them to the park, they will also remember when you kept them locked up at home for a whole summer without going anywhere. Give yourself some time for them and go to festivals, amusement parks and other fun places.

living in family
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6. The family is first

This motto will be strengthened with time. In every family there must be rules, but there must also be moments of fun, where experiences are shared and good memories are formed. Likewise, it must be taught that the family will always be there to support each one when they need it most and that there will always be trust among you. Over time this will form a sense of family community that everyone will consider a priority, even after everyone takes their own path. Otherwise, if the family only has rules and does not foster an environment of understanding and understanding, family members, especially children, will seek support and understanding elsewhere.

7. Limit extracurricular activities for your children

Currently, parents recharge their children with extracurricular activities at school. These activities are used as a resource due to the constant hours of work and domestic chores that parents have to perform and that prevents them from taking care of them. Therefore the mother or father becomes a driver who only remembers obligations. This not only increases stress in all family members but also reduces the time they spend together. To avoid this, it is recommended to choose to participate in extracurricular family activities. Use the time it takes them to take and pick up their children from school and use it, for example, to go together to ride a bicycle or learn to play an instrument.

8. Build family rituals

These can be religious rituals, patriotic or simply from each family. If they are pleasant for everyone, such as having a movie night, going for a walk on Sundays, or going on a trip during a particular holiday, over time they will become pleasant memories and will be respected by all family members. These rituals should not be rigid or obligatory, because the only thing that will produce is that they see it as a bad moment that they have to go through with the family and not as an experience that will unite them.

9. Lower your voice

The errors are corrected by talking and explaining why it was wrong what was done. Shouting does not solve anything, only makes the environment more tense for the child and live scared of making a mistake. It is easy to notice when a child lives scared; When they are wrong, they go into despair and begin to lie in order to get rid of guilt. Conversing is the best way to correct mistakes, keep this in mind for the next time you see your child make a mistake.

10. Never scream in front of children

In family life it is common to have discussions between the couple, these can be about insignificant things that happen at the moment or about issues that can destroy the family nucleus. No matter what the fight is, do not argue in front of the children as this can create traumas in him or make him believe that fighting is fine. Solve your couple problems within 4 walls without getting to the point of being yelling all the time. Remember that the walls are not approved for noise and eventually your child will listen and wonder what happens or if it is their fault.

We hope these tips will help you improve family life. In this way all members of her will grow together in harmony and have a better life.

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