Get back into shape
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Get back into shape: The perfect program and exercises to follow

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The bikini test comes up and cannot wait to show off a perfect body? With a good training program and the right exercises, you can get back in shape. Discover with us how best to prepare your body to summer

The perfect program to get back in shape does not pass only through a balanced diet and healthy: but you must accompany it with the physical exercises that help your body burn calories and tone up. Only with a constant training, we can in fact lose in the form, as it should be in view of the summer!

A good exercise program to be executed, even to your home, can help to increase the amount of energy consumed and, therefore, to speed up your metabolism. With age, unfortunately, the metabolism slows down : around 40 – 50 years, for example, it will be necessary to further decrease the portions and increase the time to devote to physical activity.

In this way, not only will help your body to get back in shape, but can also prevent or treat problems such as water retention, heaviness and swelling in the legs and the dreaded cellulite : regular exercise combined with a healthy way of life and proper nutrition, it can act as a great remedy for improving the well-being physical and muscle tone. Check out for more info.

Get back into shape
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What is the ideal program to get back in shape?

An ideal workout program that allows us to get back in shape quickly provides alternating aerobic activity, strength, and muscle strengthening and finally elongation and stretching. Aerobic activities, through increased heart rate, improve respiratory function and increase your metabolism by burning a high number of fats and sugars. Running, swimming, stationary bike, if practiced consistently help to get in shape. In the absence of time, remember to walk briskly at least 30 minutes a day.

The endurance and muscle strengthening activities strengthen muscle mass and help to keep tonics: the ideal would be to buy a pair of weights to keep behind the sofa to devote himself comfortably at some lifting while watching TV. In the event, the weights can be replaced by two water bottles.

Finally, the activities that stimulate balance and stretching help us improve our posture and the elasticity of the body. Whether you prefer some stretching legs-arms-back by practicing on the mat, the yoga (which never goes out of fashion), or subscribe to an art class or tai chi, the result is always great.

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The best exercises to get fit

If you do not have time to go to the gym or playing sports that you do burn a lot of calories, the exercise program we offer is an excellent alternative to get back in shape on the comfort of your home. Simply about a quarter of an hour a day, but it requires patience because you can achieve visible and short-term results. Are you ready to start?

  • Always start with a warm up: you just a minute race on the spot, followed by another minute of running with high knees, being careful to bring them toward your chest. After the exercise, stretch your torso by pulling your arms above your head, first right and then left. Take a circular rotation of the head, first in one direction and then in the other, por then proceed with the rotation of the shoulders. Do not you feel down looser?
  • Continue with a second aerobic exercise: standing, with arms along the sides and feet together, jump opening his legs and bringing his arms up, then return with another hop in the initial position. Repeat the exercise continuously for two minutes, quickly and without stiffening the legs.
  • Perform 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions of front lunges: in an upright position, with the legs spread apart to the width of the basin, take a step forward, sinking and bending the legs simultaneously. Exhale and ascents, returning to the starting position. Repeat the movement with the other leg. If you are not trained or have knee problems, try running the same exercise resting though his hands against the wall at shoulder level with arms outstretched. This exercise is perfect for the buttocks!
  • Gripping two small weights or two bottles of water bring the right leg forward and downwards, keeping the chest straight and bending the left knee almost to touch the floor, while the bent arms towards the shoulders. Return to the initial position and repeat with the left leg for about two minutes.
  • From the upright position, with the bottles in hand, bring the left leg back and take a lunge to the right, lifting the arms forward, with the wrists toward the ground. While flexes, the forward leg should form a right angle. Repeat with the other leg, alternating for a minute.
  • Lie on a mat belly up and run 8 by 5 repetitions series of crunch. This basic exercise for the abdominal is carried out with the legs bent at approximately 45° and lifting the bust of about twenty centimeters, hands behind his head. Watch the video to make the most of your crunch:
  • Stay on the belly pad up and knees bent. Place your right ankle on your left knee and grab with your hands the back of the left thigh, pulling it toward you until you lift it. Hold this position until you feel the stretch muscles, then repeat on the other side.

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