Support we may need as we age

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Few things in life are certain, but ageing is one of them. We are all ageing right from the moment that we are born and as an ageing population there is more need for people to work in Care Jobs Stroud way like those with takefivehealthcare than there has ever been before. As we all live longer and technology and medicines help us to do so, there are more ways that we may need to be supported in our older age. Some ways that we may need to be supported can include the following.

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Mobility – as we age we can find that our mobility starts to decrease. In some cases this may mean that we need support from others to get out and about and carry out everyday tasks such as shopping and connecting with others.

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Self-care – as well as our mobility being affected we might find that as we age our stability, posture and our dexterity also starts to decrease. This can mean that we need help with washing ourselves and daily care routines. There are a number of pieces of equipment that can also help with these activities.

Specialist care – in the cases of conditions such as dementia and cancer there are a number of specialist treatments that we may need. Whilst neither of these conditions are related to age, they can cause issues when they occur alongside the natural elements of ageing.

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