The Great Scone Debate of Devon and Cornwall

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Many individuals, couples and families have had the enjoyable experience and wonderful opportunity of spending some time in the beautiful Counties of either Devon or Cornwall.  Both areas come with an array of golden, sandy beaches and lush, green fields, offering walks over hills and through forests and of course along the beaches down into the clear, blue seas to enjoy surfing in the waves.   If you have been fortunate enough to enjoy a holiday or two in Devon or Cornwall you will no doubt have eaten and enjoyed a few traditional Scones, served fresh with jam and cream.

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In Cornwall the correct way to eat these delicious afternoon delights is to spread the jam on first followed by a topping of clotted cream.  In Devon they insist that the Cream should be dolloped first and then the jam, either way these Afternoon tea delicacies are delicious.

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You can participate in the great Devon versus Cornwall Scone debate at any time and in any area of the Country by ordering an Afternoon tea box delivery from a professional, experienced, well-established company such as  Complete with a plethora of sandwiches, cream cakes and of course traditional scones, pots of jam and cream, as well as a selection of tea bags, fresh juice or champagne.  Order several boxes for friends and family to enjoy and decide for yourselves, which is the best way to consume some delicious, warm scones.

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