Trends in  Wedding Photography

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You are creating memories with wedding photography that will last for a lifetime.

One report from the Huffington Post cites that videography and photography are the two most important things to consider when managing your wedding budget.

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These are the pictures that you’ll show to your grandchildren. They need to be timeless and beautiful. Hiring a photographer that can find the perfect balance between using modern photography techniques and not making your photos appear dated years from now is key. Here are a few trends that will be affecting wedding photography:.

Overhead views

Modern videography and photography make use of the latest technologies. Drones are used to take shots from above, giving a unique perspective. These drones are especially useful for taking group photos or capturing panoramic views of the venue. For Drone Filming London, visit

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Mini Movie

Some photographers offer mini movies on DVD. You can have your main memories here like kissing the bride, exchanging the rings, signing the registry book and leaving from the church to get to your venue.

Film Photography

You might be surprised that couples still prefer the old-fashioned film negatives. Analogue images developed in a dark room may seem less sharp, but couples prefer the softer colours and flattering details of analogue images.

Editorial photos

Photographers in tabloids pay attention to the clean, professional images they create by using flattering lighting, careful placement, and setting up their shots.

Filters for less

In our Instagram-age, we filter photos every day. Couples are taking a step back from the editing process and opting for more natural photos. Black and white is a filter that will never go out of style. Throwback photography is still relevant today, especially with vintage weddings and retro themes on the rise.

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