How to install a carpet

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Carpet is known for its many benefits – it’s comfortable, warm and stylish. For Pay Weekly Carpets, visit However, all of this can be undone by a poor carpet fitting job. It’s not easy to lay a carpet, but here are a few tips for beginners.

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Before your new carpet can be brought into the room, you must do two things. You’ll first need to install carpet grippers on your floor. The grippers are long wood pieces with pins that prevent your carpet from sliding or moving. Wear gloves to handle the pins, as they are already attached. Mark the location of any wires or pipes on the floor using a cable detector. The grippers are then cut to the required size and secured. The angled side should be facing the skirting board, with a gap of 7mm between the gripper and the board.


After the grippers have been placed, it is time to lay down some underlay. Your carpet will benefit greatly from investing in a high-quality underlay. A lining paper can also be used to prevent the underlay from sticking. It will also make your carpet stronger and more durable.

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Fitting Your Carpet

You’re now ready to move on to the fun part. You’ll first want to lay the carpet loosely on the floor after unrolling it. If you have not done so already, leave at least 5 cm extra on the edge when cutting it to size. The carpet can then be placed, a line cut vertically down to the corner, the triangles overlapping trimmed and the carpet laid flat on the gripper. Fitting the carpet begins at the longest wall, and moves backwards to the door.

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