The fascinating, historical, geographical and cultural Forest-of-Dean in Gloucestershire

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Forming a natural almost triangular plateau with the River Wye on its West and Northwest boundaries is the fascinating, historical, and cultural Forest-of-Dean in the county of Gloucestershire. Herefordshire is to its North, the River Severn to its South and Gloucester City to its East.  There are more than 110 square kilometres of woodlands and ancient forests in this area of natural outstanding beauty.  The main source of income for the area was naturally always forestry, alongside iron Works, Charcoal Production and essential Coal Mining. The local inhabitants of this community are proud, hardworking people who support local companies, such as who supply bespoke amounts of quality Concrete Forest Of Dean to individual householders or larger commercial enterprises. Having the ability to take their modern concrete mixer to any individual site these experienced professionals can ensure they supply a fresh, suitable amount for each and every location. 

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The local Forest Community are very proud of their heritage and the beautiful area in which they live and passionately support the “Hands off our Forest” protest.  In January 2011, more than 3,000 local residents joined forces to rally against the proposed sale of public forests by the UK Government.

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The Forest-of-Dean is a mysterious, magical place that attracts thousands of tourists every year, the peace and solitude that visitors get from being amongst the trees is almost spiritual.  It’s no wonder the local inhabitants want to protect it and keep it safe for future generations.

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