Why you should consider making your own clothes

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Ask anyone over the age of 50 and they will remember wearing clothing that was either made by hand for them or they made it themselves. From the last two decades of the 20th century until recently, there had been a steady decline in making clothes at home; however, trends have started to reverse in recent years.

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Sustainable clothing

The fashion industry accounts for more carbon emissions than aviation and maritime shipping put together. A growing awareness of the environmental impact that fast fashion can cause, and increasingly positive attitudes towards living sustainably, have begun to impact how we clothe ourselves. This includes creating our own fashion items and upcycling old garments.

According to a 2023 YouGov ratings poll, sewing as an activity is now more popular among Millennials than Gen X or Baby Boomers, suggesting it is no longer a dying art. This has created a new market for online specialists such as www.woolcouturecompany that provide knitting, crochet and macrame kit products aimed at all levels from beginner to advanced.

The benefits of making your own clothing

1. You will never need to worry about finding the right size, and everything you make will be one of a kind. When your friends tell you the garment you are wearing looks like it was made for you, you can tell them it was!

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2. The cost, over the long run, is less. Apart from purchasing a sewing machine, needles and a pair of scissors, everything you make will cost no more than the fabric and thread. If you are upcycling or repurposing a pre-loved garment, it costs even less.

3. It is environmentally friendly. That dress you purchased for a wedding may only be worn a couple of times before looking dated; clothing you have made will last longer. This is not only because of the effort that went into creating it but also because the fabrics used are of better quality.

4. It is good for the soul. Creating something of your own can be therapeutic and relaxing, with a sense of achievement when it is complete.

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