Songs To Quit Your Job To

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All of us have had jobs we hate at some point in our lives. Whether it was the nature of the work or an awful boss, sometimes we’ve all quit dead end employment. Here are some tunes to listen to when you’ve just resigned:

I’ve Had It – Black Flag

If you’ve really had enough of poor working conditions or rubbish pay, then it might be time to tell your line manager that you’ve ‘had it’. Of course, it’s always best to do this when you have another job lined up! When an employer has broken their contract with you, you might be able to make a Constructive Dismissal Claim. Find out more at

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I Want To Break Free – Queen

Working like a slave with no thanks and little opportunity for progression? It’s no surprise that a work environment like this would make someone want to break free. Before you do anything rash, consider having your CV updated professionally to improve your chances of snapping up something better.

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Quit Your Job – Thundamentals

As tempting as it might be to hurl abuse at your boss and storm out, try to resign with grace. You never know when your paths might cross again and plus, if you want a good reference, you probably shouldn’t do anything you might live to regret.

Rise Up – Muse

Is it time to rise up and find a job that recognises your worth? Devote some time to job hunting, honing your interview skills and improving your CV.

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