The big interior colour trends for autumn 2023

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Looking to renovate your home, redecorate your living space or breathe new life into tired paintwork? Whether calming neutral tones are your preference or you’re thinking of making a stylish statement with deep reds, rich blues or forest greens, here are some of the biggest interior colour trends to try out this season.

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What about the entrance?

Consider upgrading your front door with a fresh lick of paint in one of the same on-trend colours.

For those looking to replace their current doors, UPVC doors Stroud are a great investment. Long-lasting, durable, low maintenance, insulating and secure, UPVC doors in Stroud are available in a variety of colours, a great opportunity to make a statement outdoors.

For your interior:

Earthy neutrals

Neutrals are holding ground this season, with Scandinavian style remaining on-trend throughout the autumn. Choose wheatfield, whimsical off-whites or warm beige tones and accessorise them with warm browns, golds or hints of sage.

Selecting beautiful indoor foliage to accent your neutral palette with a hint of green will bring a calming, nature-inspired vision together. This type of palette is ideal for any bedroom or living space retreat.

Rich inky blue

A deep inky blue shade has made its way into many kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces this season. Perfect for accenting your kitchen cupboards, this dramatic shade will bring an air of heritage-type style to your home.

Rich blues are also ideal for painting trendy panelling in the living room or dining area, or simply a single accent wall, for those who worry it could overpower their space.

Raspberry red

A new trend for the season, rich, romantic reds are in. Think about the room’s artificial and natural lighting when considering a red hue, as this can affect the shade you’ll see. Choose a panelled wall, feature area or door to bring in a warm red tone, as painting the entire room could feel claustrophobic.

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Add coordinating ditzy wallpaper to alternate walls and bring in floral patterns and shades of gold to make a statement with your living space.

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